By | January 6, 2017
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Listening to the Quran silently is of course in the benefit of the Muslims. This is because the Holy book of Quran is not just a set of principles for a certain situation. It is the code of life.Some people doubt the authenticity of the Quran. The Quran itself has cleared all types of skeptics’ concerns regarding it. The following are the verses, which clear the air about the authenticity of the Quran.”Do they not then meditate on the Quran? And if it were from any other than Allah, they would have found in it many a discrepancy.” Quran An-Nisa. Watch video in link below

Video link: http://wp.me/p7PtNj-2az

To judge the authenticity of the Quran, there is one simple method. One needs to read the Quran and to meditate over it. Of course, the method is harder than it sounds. However, this is the true method to judge the authenticity of anything. The Quran throws an open challenge to those who doubt it. Read the Quran, meditate over it, and find a discrepancy. Of course, no one has ever been able to find a discrepancy in the Quran. Therefore, when one cannot find a discrepancy in something then of course that is something authentic.”And this Quran is not such as could be forged by those besides Allah, but it is a verification of that which is before it and a clear explanation of the book, there is no doubt in it, from the Lord of the worlds.” QuranYunus.