By | January 11, 2017
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What are more shocking to the Western world is, she also did not allow her daughters to score anything less than an “A” grade, ‘forced’ them to practice violin and the piano, and drove them to work towards becoming the No. 1 students in all subjects (besides gym and drama). She contends that it’s how strict a ‘Tiger Mom’ is, and how she spared less hesitation in deciding for the children what’s good for them, that make the Asian parents superior. Watch video in link below

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We have to ask. To a certain extent, we agree that parents should decide for the children – mainly because the kids are immature and experienced to make life decisions yet. We also do not deny that parents should inculcate in the children the habits to work hard – harder than most others, if they want to succeed. In addition, developing the desire to win is important to the children too.However, should all these be done at the cost of the kids’ childhood? It’s good to get the children start early in working hard for their future.