VIDEO of Punjab’s S.H.O’s funny injection reaction – Video Goes VIRAL on Social Media

By | November 19, 2016
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As the number of pain management patients in United States continues to increase, pain itself is turning into big business. It is often times helpful for patients to receive an injection to avoid or delay surgery, or to allow individuals the ability to participate in physical therapy. Focal injections can also decrease the need for opiate pain medications.Let’s look at a few different types of injections and how well they work. The first type is soft tissue injections in the extremities. An example of this would be an injection of steroid medication into the shoulder area that is called the subacromial bursa. Impingement syndrome is one of the most common diagnoses seen in medicine today, and a subacromial injection. Watch video in link below

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can permit patients increased function of their shoulder and significant pain relief.Another type of soft tissue injection example would be one for tennis elbow. This is a condition around the elbow that involves inflammation and pain of the tendon insertion on the outer part of the elbow. Injections of steroid work very well for this region, and often times the doctor will place small holes in the bony region to enhance blood flow and healing of the area.Another type of injection performed in the extremities is a nerve block. Let’s use an example of a supra-scapular nerve block which is a nerve that can become compressed around the shoulder region. Injecting steroid medication around the area of compression may allow a patient to participate in physical therapy along with providing excellent pain relief and may help the patient avoid surgery.