This Video Of Kashif Abbasi Will Surely Disqualify Sharif Family

By | November 8, 2016
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Successful professional sales executives always push hard to get more prospects into their “funnel”. This process typically relies on contacting a lot of people to eventually find qualified prospects. In most sales situations, the more people we contact, the better our odds of success are. It is important to avoid “dialing for dollars” with no purpose other than filling your number quota, but prospecting activity is a key component to most outside salespeople’s success. Watch video in link below

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It is equally important to “Disqualify” prospects. There is nothing more draining on a salesperson’s productivity then spending time with prospects that never buy. One of the most distinguishing characteristics of every top sales professional is their ability to qualify or disqualify prospects quickly. We need positive answers to some key questions in order for them to be a qualified prospect.For some prospects, we might know well before we even talk to them whether they are a qualified prospect. For most prospects, we will need to talk to them and get some information in order for us to disqualify them as prospects.