Ushna Shahat Her Cousins Wedding

By | January 9, 2017
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I am sure you have all have had a similar experience. Last Sunday I was at my cousin’s wedding. The organ thundered Here Comes The Bride and We all arose, excited to see Jen walk down the aisle in her beautiful new wedding gown. It was a great wedding, and Jen looked super in her wedding dress. The colored light flowing through the stained glass windows covered her in bright colors and her trim figure glowed with a healthy vibrant beauty showing off the gown to perfection. Oh, it was fantastic even now it makes. Watch video in link below

Video link:

I couldn’t help but remember different tears a couple of months earlier when we were searching for the perfect wedding dress. At that time Jen was heavier than she is now and every time we found the perfect gown her body some how had a wrong bulge here or a pooch there that ruined the effect. It was at about the 50th gown that Jen broke down sobbing, “I need a sign on my fridge that says ‘Don’t Be A Fat Bride!’ “, she sniffled.I put my arm around her. “Jen, I said”, with as much tact as I could muster in the moment, “there is only one thing left to do and that is lose some weight.” I know, that was probably a little bit too direct, but we were losing time every day. After her initial glaring look, she admitted that I was probably correct and so we began to look for the best way to go about losing weight fast for a wedding.