Umar Akmal’s Bizarre Dismissal in BPL 2016

By | November 14, 2016
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The laws of cricket list many ways a batsman can get out. In fact, there are precisely eleven ways, a batsman can contrive to get out, if he so desires.Some ways of getting out are very common. Every day, we see batsmen dismissed by being bowled or caught or LBW. A batsman getting out stumped or run out is hardly cause for announcing it as breaking news on a television channel.Even ‘hit wickets’ are not uncommon, and we also see batsmen declared. Watch video in link below

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retired out’. Of the remaining four kinds of dismissal, some of us have witnessed instances where the batsman obstructed the field, or hit the ball twice, or handled the ball, and was politely asked to leave, by the umpire.As you can see, I have already mentioned 10 of the 11 ways of getting out, as permitted by the laws of cricket. This article is about the 11th way of getting out, as allowed by the laws of cricket, which is… ‘timed out’!How can a batsman get ‘timed out’? After a dismissal, the next batsman in is required to be ready at the wicket, within 3 minutes. If the batsman fails to do so, and the fielding team.