Tharki Baba Ne Sunny Leone Ke Sath Kia Kia..

By | December 26, 2016
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Many of you may think of Francesco Cura’ as an almost abstract Felliniesque mysterious figure. You’d be right.Even under the California sunrays he maintained an air of night around him; somewhat of a thin line that runs between a baroque aristocrat and a southern charmer. And not to my surprise, considering his now infamous unpredictability, he picked a very unusual site for our interview – The Glendale Equestrian Center.After driving for 25 minutes trying to find my way into the ranch, I walked my way up to find Mr. Cura sitting atop a red quarter horse. The effect was rather confusing and partly ironic: a modern day Casanova forced into the set of a Leone western. Watch video in link below

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Upon seeing me arrive, the young actor dismounted the animal and greeted me with a big hug and that baritonal laughter he’s become known for. The wardrobe consisted of a pair of red vintage jeans, extremely worn in leather boots and a velvet purple shirt I’d be happy to die in. The unusual dark tan emphasized those blue eyes in an accentuated way (but some credit should be given to the already mentioned sunny sky). Crowning the entire puzzle: a head of thick, disheveled hair and an unshaven face. Contradiction in the flesh.He chose this particular venue because he’s been spending most of his time with horses lately, preparing for an upcoming project. But even that was left in the mystery. This time I was determined not to let this illusive individual laugh his way through an in-depth interview. But if you encounter a smile like his, you just have to carry the cross all the way up.