Swami Om FIGHT in News Studio – Exclusive Footage

By | January 11, 2017
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you ever tried using stock footage yourself? If you’re a filmmaker then using stock footage can be really advantageous. There are various reasons why filmmakers use stock footage. Read on to know it has always been an integral part of film making.Stock footage is a combination of videos, photographs or both. These clips are available for download online at nominal prices. The footage falls into two licensing categories namely royalty-free and rights-managed. Royalty-free licensed footage permits a buyer to use it multiple number of times with single purchase. While rights-managed footage is more exclusive and the buyer needs to specify why and where the footage will be used. Watch video in link below

Video link: http://wp.me/p7PtNj-2lZ

Movies among other visual media have long been a fan of stock footage. One of the most famous examples of usage of this footage in film industry is of the Oscar-winning motion picture “Forrest Gump”. In the movie, it was modified with computer generated imagery to show the lead character socializing with historic figures such as John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon and John Lennon. Filming such scene would have been practically impossible in real life.There are also times when shots are critical to the project but impossible to shoot, for instance, getting an up and close shoot of volcanic eruption or a ravaging tornado. Capturing such shots will not only put your crew in a life threatening situation, but will also increase your budget extensively. It is then a professional quality stock footage can come to a film maker’s rescue, helping him achieve amazing results.