Stunning Run out By Asad Shafique Against Australia

By | December 10, 2016
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cricket is always full of surprises. Surprises that experts feel are needed to keep the game going. Be it in the format or rules or spirit.The no-ball controversy in a one day international match played in Sri Lanka was such a surprise that set the ball rolling. Rolling fast and thick.Just a quick peek at the rules about no-balls before we speak about the rollicking surprise. The batting side gets a run when a no ball is delivered. But, the ball has to be played. It can be hit for anything-single double four or a six. If it is a four then total five runs are added. And if the batsman. Watch video in link below

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So far so good. Now, if a team needs one run for victory and the last ball bowled was a no ball the team won just there. Even though any kind of ball must be played, playing the no ball at that point just ceases to matter. If it was hit for a four or a six, the runs would not be counted in the final total. But, if it was a good ball actual runs would be added; meaning the final total would exceed the total needed for win. We are not saying this. The rules say so. A run out at that stage would require another rule to be dug out from the bag of surprises.Now to the match. In the end of the 34th over India needed five runs to win with six wickets remaining and opener Virender Sehwag who guided the team to that position needed just one run to complete a well deserved century.