Stalker Molests Bites Girl Near Bus Stop

By | January 10, 2017
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These four tips for dating women I’m going to give you are amazing at teaching you what clues you should focus on and what things to look for when trying to read women’s body language. Try to learn these stages to understanding women’s body language, it will be the best thing you can do to understand and deal with women efficiently.There are a lot of tips for dating women and most of them will rarely deal with women’s body language.This is the reason I’m giving you these four essential stages, in order to give to you a great plan on what you should focus on to understand women’s body language and more importantly to know what it means to you. Watch video in link below

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The first stage is about focusing on her handYou need to keep attention where a woman’s hand is pointing and most importantly, what is she doing with her hand?Women are mysterious if you don’t possess the right guide to read their body language, by knowing about this secret, women will reveal themselves to you without them knowing.When a woman is putting her hand in front of her, not moving, she is fully present with you.This is a direct signal that her mind is fully present with you.