Sohar Ghalati Se Agar Biwi Ka Doodh Peele To Uska Kya Mamla Hoga Adv Faiz Syed

By | November 8, 2016
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Every day of the week, men everywhere find out that their wife has betrayed their trust and had one or more affairs. Sadly, for the vast majority of these men, had they applied even a little “preventative maintenance” to their marriage, they would NOT be dealing with all the unpleasant feelings that go along with betrayal.In many infidelity cases, men make a common mistake – a mistake that they could have easily avoided and had they avoided it, they most likely would NOT be dealing with broken-trust and broken-heart issues right now. Watch video in link below

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Before I start however, I want to emphasize the fact that in no way am I blaming men for everything nor am I excusing women for cheating. Rather, I want to emphasize a particular kind of “preventative maintenance” that men can employ so they can avoid the scenario where their wife has cheated on them.The first thing that men must understand is that withholding intimacy and sex from their wife for ANY reason opens the door for infidelity in a hurry. If a man has not been intimate with his wife for an extended period of time.