Shohar Ya Biwi Apnay Huqooq Ada Na Kare Uske Sath Kya Rawaiya Hona Chahye ? By Dr Farhat Hashmi

By | November 7, 2016
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I often hear from wives who are in the middle of a marital separation that they want to end as soon as possible. To that end, many want to make sure that they are acting in a way meant to get their husband back home and committed to the marriage. And many worry about how they are being perceived during the separation. They don’t want to say or do anything (or act in such a way) that is going to make a reconciliation less likely. Watch video in link below

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I recently heard from a wife who was confused as to the best way to act around her husband while they were separated. Being apart and not knowing what was going to happen to her marriage had made her quite depressed and frightened, but she intuitively knew that allowing him to see the full extent of this might not be the best idea.She said, in part: “I’m not sure how to act around my husband while we’re separated. The truth is, I’m scared, angry, depressed, and unsure of this whole process, but my friends tell me that I should act like the opposite is true. They tell me that I should pretty much pretend like I don’t care all that much and just try to act as if I’m trusting the process the whole time.