Shariyat main Ghar Jamaai Rakhnay ke bary main kia Hukam hai?

By | January 7, 2017
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The worldwide Islamic invasion was envisioned by Nostradamus in the mid-1500s. Among other prophesies, he described Anti-Christian Muslim forces in Iraq and Syria, and persecution in the Muslim countries of Asia, especially Turkey. From Israel the war extends to Western Europe and there will be a Third World War using nuclear missiles…In his apocalyptic prophesies, Nostradamus described the Islamic demographic movement or invasion into Europe. This prophesies has become a reality. Watch video in link below

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there was significant demographic change in most European countries. The natural immigration from Islamic countries into Europe has significantly increased the size of the Muslim minorities in those countries.Muslims struggle to convert the world to Islam. In the past, Christianity and Islam wanted to spread the word to everybody everywhere, by force if necessary. Today Christians and certain other religions no longer wish to use force in the name of their faith; however, Muslims do.In this age of political correctness in Europe and in the , this invasion is generally ignored in the name of multiculturalism. Muslims even have right-wing acceptance and support from anti-Jewish elements in Europe.Time is working in favour of the Muslim minorities. As Europe becomes older, the Muslim.