Shameful Act of Grand Father With His Grand Daughter

By | December 19, 2016
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There is one more possibility for the text. To which “custom” does Paul refer? The old custom of covering the head? Or the new practice emerging, of leaving the head bare? Could Paul be saying, “You people who are trying to introduce new ways into the church of Jesus need to understand that we have no such custom and will not abide by your innovations. Cover your heads!”In my mind, the issue is not settled. I have learned not to base my beliefs on what I see around me in the church, whether a “good” or “bad” one, whether conservative or liberal, my denomination or someone else’s. The question is always, what did the apostles say, and why did they say it. Watch video in link below

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Let’s tackle that question now. After looking carefully at all the text before verse 16, consider his teaching, and decide on your own, if you believe the KJV gives you that option, about what you will do about it.The teaching begins in verse 3 of chapter 11, I Corinthians. The chain of command. The authority structure of Heaven as it links with God’s people on earth. Especially the Christian family. Perhaps by extension, the Christian church.Headship. Father is head in relation to His Son. The Son, Jesus, is the head in relation to the man. The man is the head in relation to the woman, or wife. (“Woman” and “wife” both translate the same Greek word. Seems that “wife” is a better word in the context here.)Paul has already given his whole argument! Would that I Corinthians 11:3 would be in place in Christian church families! There would be no need to quibble about verse 16 if verse 3 were in place.But we go to verse 4 anyway.We have agreed down through the centuries that men should have their heads uncovered in church. This practice spilled out into the culture so much that it was just “normal” for men and boys to remove their hats or caps when entering a public indoor meeting of any kind.