Shahid Afridi picks up wicket first ball, BPL 2016

By | November 22, 2016
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One of the classical cliches is “Health Is Wealth”. At this point therefore, we have to ensure that our body is always healthy and physically fit. Lack of time is the top reason for not doing healthy activities to make this happen. To some extent, we tend to relax and forget our daily exercise. But if we manage our time effectively and specified some time for our physical exercise by playing outdoor games then health care wont be an issue for us. In outdoor sports, which supports the point of health care, cricket is the best game which involves a lot of exercise and physical fitness moves which increases the stamina that builds the confidence and self-esteem. Watch video in link below

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Cricket is a craze for both youngsters and adults. It was first played in 16th century. The game was known as “The Gentlemen’s Game”. The game begins between the two teams of eleven players each side. The Toss decides the First batting and two batsmen of the lucky toss winner team sets on the pitch while the other team is settled down into the field. The bowler set the aim to dismiss the batsmen present on the pitch handling with his balls. While the aim of the batsmen is to achieve more runs and to set a hard goal target for the opposite team. When the bowler Takes the wicket and makes the batsmen dismiss from the ground the Umpire indicates with the sign of “OUT” and it’s the joy for the fielder and the bowler.