Shah Rukh Khan & Mahira’s SIZZLING Chemistry In ‘Udi Udi’ Song

By | January 11, 2017
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Yes, our month long journey to find out the most romantic track ever produced in Bollywood has come to an end. The journey was as exciting one considering as many people reacted positively to the poll; You have got no idea, even Shahid mentioned about our poll on twitter!!Also, the complaints were minimal over the selection of the songs. We have started the poll with 20 songs and later we added 5 more songs to the list.Bollywood has been known for romance; right from very start, as if Indians could never live without romance in their lives. From black and white to modern era we have seen many talented musicians, directors and actors bring the essence of romance. Watch video in link below

Video link:

This is the only song in the whole world which could send chills down my spine when I listen to it. There is something extremely mysterious and passionate about this song.The song starts with Udit Naayan whispering Jaanam Dekh Lo… Much like the heroine Preity Zinta, we look around for Shahrukh Khan singing these lines with so much passion in his eyes “Main Yahaan Hoon Yahaan..”I would say one of the most magical love songs ever. There is magic, there is mystery, there is passion, there is assurance and there is love.I especially love that Punjabi folklore songMera Long Ga Vaacha” instrumental portion comes right after mukhda, which immensely enhances the beauty of the song.I would say Udit Narayan’s best rendition ever. Can anybody else match the way he pronounces.