Shah Rukh Khan & Mahira Khan Zaalima Song Released

By | January 5, 2017
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While the Indian pop songs industry has become a part and parcel of our lives today, the truth is that its development and growth is a unique phenomenon. The American pop music industry has flourished because Hollywood movies do not have dance and song sequences in their movies.The soundtracks are usually incorporated in the movies as a part of the background score. This allows a lot of freedom for the pop artists to come up with independent songs released separately. Indian singers and composers did not have this option considering that an average Indian movie has at least three to four songs. Indian singers rarely released pop albums and this was why the Hindi pop songs industry never really flourished. Classical artists.Watch video in link below

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Today, the pop industry in India functions independently of the Hindi film industry. The plethora of song and dance related reality shows have also helped of artists gain more recognition.Songs in Hindi movies, although very popular, have to be made keeping the story and the context in mind. This often placed restrictions on musicians, composers and singers. These restrictions do not exist in a pop song. Alisha Chinai and Anaida were the earliest female superstars of the Indian pop industry. AR Rahman made Vande Mataram popular again by releasing a pop album consisting of patriotic songs and instrumentals of the Indian national anthem.