See What Talal Chaudhry Is Doing In Parliament

By | December 16, 2016
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The governments of all territories and states are the ones responsible for all matters which are not assigned to the Commonwealth; they also comply and adhere to the very principles of responsible government. And for the states, the Queen of Britain will appoint a Governor who will represent her and to ensure the welfare of every state.High Court which serves as arbitrary to all disputes between the states and the Commonwealth. Also, the High Court of Australia has given expanded responsibilities and powers to the federal government which is about to choose the next Prime Minister. Watch video in link below

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It can also be found in the constitution of Australia that the constitution itself can be amended given the approval from the electorate and through the national referendum wherein it is a compulsory that all adults on the electoral rolls should participate. However, before the amendment can be done, a bill which contains the amendment must be first passed by both houses of parliament. There will also be times that even if only one house of parliament the bill, the amendment will still be done. However, it is in such very rare cases.