Sanam Baloch Gets Angry on a Live Caller in Live Show

By | January 9, 2017
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Have you finally found a band that you are compatible with? Are you a solo artist that hears everything finally coming together? In either case if you’ve gotten the chance to play a live show or gig, chances are your first emotion was exhilaration, followed by anxiety about how you will perform. Let’s get you back to that exhilarated feeling!You’re probably thinking, “I’ve got butterflies in my stomach. I’m a ball of nerves! What if I make a mistake? How can I play a live show?” Well, let’s get the first question out of the way right now. The odds are really good. Watch video in link below

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you will make a few mistakes in your first show. Most people do. The questions you need to ask yourself are one, will anyone notice? And two, if they do notice it, will anyone remember that mistake when we hit the big scene? As long as you stay focused on your goals, neither of these questions will be relevant. Remember to write down the reasons why you’re doing this! Are you doing it to entertain friends? Do you have something to share with the world? If you do, you must train your mind to remember that the world wants to hear it.