Sana Askari’s Husband Spitted and Slapped on her Face, Reason Will Shock You

By | January 9, 2017
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Emmy is pursuing a nursing degree with the hope of working as a cosmetic nurse when she graduates. She is now working part time as an administrative assistant in a dermatologist office. She has rosacea on both sides of her cheekbones. The rosacea undermines her confidence considerably. To mask the symptom, she uses makeup. The makeup may be one of the contributing factors to her present situation. Watch video in link below

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She has had this problem since childhood. Her mother works in a medical spa. She has tried many methods to alleviate her daughter’s problem but never was able to cure it. The fact that Emmy likes to eat junk food and to use her hand to scratch her face makes the problem worse. Usually, people with long term illness have a tendency to engage in a unhealthy diet or habit.I am a client of her mother’s medical spa. I found out about her problem during a lunch meeting and offered help.I thought of using essential oils to treat her problem. However, I was concerned about the side effects of essential oils. “Less is more” appeared to be the right motto for this situation as the less the irritation in the healing process, the more effective the healing protocols.