Samia Naz Ne Live Show Me Sabko Shock Kardiya

By | October 18, 2016
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The first thing you need to remember is, what goes on behind the scenes is the most important part.Here are the most important performance tips you will ever receive. You will still be using them if you are still performing in 70 years. They are the secret that all the top performers have been using since the days of Elvis. Watch Video link in below

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This is hugely important. It really is. The audience can tell if a performer enjoys a song or not. When you sing a song that you really like the vibe is picked up by the audience and they enjoy the song better.

This goes back to body language. When you smile it makes other people feel better. For talent shows this is a must. Unless you are doing a Radiohead cover smile as much as you can. Remember, different rules apply for body language when you are on stage.You have to make everything more pronounced that you would in a regular everyday setting.