By | January 10, 2017
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Both men and women play Mind Games. To some it’s just that, A Game. Others have made an art of it. Women play mind games to keep men guessing and also to make them jealous. Men play them when they are not really serious about a woman and also when they are insecure. They simply want to have some fun and are generally not bothered about other person’s feelings.Mind Games actually cause a lot of friction and serious problems between men and woman. There are women who like leading men on making them think they are interested in a certain guy and when the guy begins to get serious, the woman loses all interest. What happens then is she starts to ignore him or act like she doesn’t know what he is talking about kind. It’s mostly the younger, attractive woman. Watch video in link below

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who plays this type of game. Knowing she can get any man she likes, makes her want to experiment and see how many she can catch; just like an angler who once having caught the fish, throws it back, because for him it was the chase that mattered.When it comes to Men, mind games I think are played by the insecure and immature man who does not have a lot of self confidence in himself. They want the woman to think of them as being superior beings expecting to wait on them or ignoring the woman when they are among a group of friends to show their friends how macho they are. Although the man does the ignoring, he expects respect from the woman and does not like it when she treats him the same way, and thus the fights and arguments begin.