Sahfaat Ali Doing Mimicry Of Shahid Masood, Kamran Khan & Aamir Liaquat

By | December 19, 2016
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When you were a child you probably remember swearing to the universe that when you grew up you’d never, ever treat your children the way your parents treated you. You’d be different; you’d be better. You knew it from the core of your being. Right? So how is it that instead of making your vow come true, all these years later you’ve ended up copying their very qualities that you most despised? Welcome to the world of mimicking–the third mechanism (accommodation and rebellion being the other two) we sometimes use that’s influenced by guilt toward your parents and siblings.Why do we use “mimicking”? What are the reasons behind this behavior. Watch video in link below

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We become like our parents to punish ourselves and relieve our guilt for hurting them. If you think you’re responsible for causing your parents’ unhappiness, suffering, disappointment, getting out of control, then you deserve to be punished by having the same faults. Huh? Think of it like this, if you are unhappy, suffer, are disappointed, or out of control, then you have paid yourself back for the suffering you caused them. Think of the biblical expression, “an eye for an eye.” This requires that a punishment fit the crime exactly. It turns out that your conscience operates the same way. It requires that you be punished exactly in the way you’ve made another person suffer; in this case, your parents or sibling.