Reham Khan Ne Kia Keh Dia Ke Sab Sharma Gaye..!!

By | December 14, 2016
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Do you wish you knew how to impress a guy that you want to date, but you’re just too shy to make a move? Are you often stumbling for words when you try to talk with someone new? Do you feel shaky and red-faced when you try to flirt? Dating someone new makes a lot of gals anxious, but when you’re really shy, it can seem doubly hard. Guys actually like a little shyness sometimes – but first you have to get their attention! But there are tools you can use to help you get a grip on your nervousness and learn to assert yourself. Watch video in link  below

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Knowing how to impress a guy includes getting yourself calmed down as you make your move. If shyness incapacitates you, you can learn relaxation techniques that will help you slow your breath and heart rate down and feel more confident. Many relaxation exercises provide assistance in two areas: Physical relaxation. Through use of deep breathing and muscle relaxation exercises, you can slow your racing body down and train yourself to relax almost upon command. By spending about 15 minutes per day on learning and practicing relaxation techniques, you will really notice a difference in your ability to calm yourself down when you are under stress.