Real Face of Meher Bukhari Shameless Act date Scandal

By | December 3, 2016
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Although it is possible for an emotion to enhance one’s life, it is also possible for an emotion to have the opposite effect. If one feels angry, it could be a sign that they have been violated, but if they always feel this way it shows that something isn’t right.It could mean that one is stuck in the past or that they are in an environment that is not healthy, or both. One is no longer angry during the odd occasion – they are being defined by it.If one was never angry it would be unhealthy, but to be angry all the time is not the answer either. Their whole life is then being consumed by anger and this is going to affect their ability to experience inner peace and it could end up pushing people away. Watch video in link below

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However, this is just one example of how an emotion can harm one’s life and this can be because they don’t allow themselves to experience it or because it has taken control of their life. Emotions are often labelled as being either ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and this can cause people to deny how they feel or to be controlled by their feelings.InformationWhen one is aware of how they feel, they will be able to use their feelings to guide them. The other option would be for one to ignore how they feel and get caught up in their head. This is not to say that one should let their feelings control them, what it means is that they shouldn’t ignore them either.