Which Quranic Verse We Should Recite When We Are Facing Cancer Disease ??

By | January 4, 2017
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According to the American Cancer Society, 7.6 million people died from cancer worldwide during 2007. Early detection and cancer treatment are essential to combat this disease. A Bourbonnais hospital with modern technology can effectively detect and treat cancer so you can resume a normal lifestyleMedically speaking, cancer is a class of diseases. When cells have cancer, they display uncontrolled growth and start dividing beyond their normal capacity. As a result, invasion and possible destruction occurs to the adjacent tissues. In some instances, cancer spreads to other locations through the blood of lymph (metastasis).In many types of cancers, tumors form. The tumors are analyzed to find out of they are benign or malignant. Benign tumors are self-contained and do not grow, invade and spread like malignant tumors. Watch video in link below

Video link: http://wp.me/p7PtNj-24S

types of cancer do not form tumors, such as leukemia. Oncology is the branch of medicine devoted to the study, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cancer.Cancer can strike people of all ages, including fetuses. The risk for cancer increases as you get older and your cells are exposed to harmful elements.The majority of cancers are caused by abnormalities in the genetic material of the cells that are transformed. Smoking tobacco and exposure to radiation, chemicals and infectious agents can cause these abnormalities. Inherited and DNA replication genetic abnormalities can also affect cancer cell formation.