PM Nawaz Sharif Taking Notice of SMOG

By | November 9, 2016
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We should take notice of fundamentals when trading Forex because it is the underlying factor of why currencies are heading in a specific direction. When all technicals point to a direction but price moves the other way, we can be sure that it is a fundamental factor.Everywhere we look at we’ll find that all the free forums, brokers are providing technical analysis and with good reason, but what they don’t want us to know and present to us is that there’s an underlying factor. Watch video in link below

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When was the last time you read somewhere or heard from someone or even experienced that a textbook technical setup, simply didn’t work out for multiple times? there are numerous examples everyday! Traders label that as a non working system or strategy but no one bothers with why is that, the reason is that the strategy is purely technical, and it’s easy to make strategies that are purely technical that’s why we have so many of them and that’s why 95% of them fail or only work for a limited time.Even if you have a system and your broker or education provider keeps telling you have an edge and you have to trade when technicals show, there’s a lot more to it. Did you ever ask yourself what moves the markets? The usual answer from mainstream is other traders, institutions and banks without going deeper into the subject.