Pakistani Cricketers Ki Australia Main Mouj Mastiyan…

By | December 10, 2016
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All incidents of doping, ball tampering, match fixing and player connection with betting agents, seem to be done only by Pakistani players. It is very surprising to see if match fixing is true then why there have been no reported incidents of English players or Australian Players doing the same thing.There have been incidents of ball tampering in the past by John Lever of England and by Mark Waugh of Australia. It is very strange that the British press has harped upon suspected match fixing incidents and has also warned umpires of possible deliberate no ball bowling etc., by only Pakistani Players. Watch video in link below

Video link:

Does it mean that only Pakistani players indulge in such illegal acts or are they simply blamed by the British Press. The whole world knows that the English were primarily responsible for the spread of racial hatred during the middle ages. The whole world also knows how policies of Apartheid in South Africa were practiced due to racism Paki players are picked up by the Intelligence agencies and also reported in the British Tabloids. Corruption is prevalent every where. India and Pak have taken extreme measures to ban players who indulge in such illegal acts. There is however no stringent action that has been taken by say the ACB against players such as Shane Warne who indulged in doping and other cases of sexual escapades. In fact the ACB let a player like Mark Waugh who was involved in betting.