Pakistani Actors Who Are Non-Muslims – Interesting

By | November 9, 2016
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In film and television, the eyes are the main focal point of the audience. More than any other facet of acting, they determine the internal workings of the character. They also determine the target of intentions and feelings. In addition, they help define the mental state of the character. With such immense importance, one would think instructors would spend more time addressing eye behavior. This lack of attention is largely because much of their training centers. Watch video in link below

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With the character’s internal thoughts and feelings, the eyes delineate the areas of concerns. They place them into proper compartments or zones that relate to the audience. This is because in normal life people move or divert their eyes in set patterns that signify the topic or issue under discussion. When one studies and dissects the performances of award-winning and highly acclaimed actors one will find these eye behaviors prevalent. Observation and realization of these compartments is key to effective eye acting.For instance, when we search for a word or attempt to solve a problem, our eyes go to an area where there are little distractions and away from the person to whom we are talking.