Pakistan Lost the Match Due to Poor Concentration of Yasir Shah

By | December 19, 2016
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They come in many shapes, forms and sizes. But how do you know which cricket batting coaching tips are the right ones for you? Batting is a see ball, hit ball game – as simple as that, anything that stops you being able to watch the ball onto the bat needs to be deleted and rectified. Watching the ball onto the bat means 100% of the way, you should see the ball in most cases hit the bat. As a coach to many up and coming young cricketers and players, people regularly here me say this term “Whilst moving into Position -You should See the ball hit your bat. Watch video in link below

Video link:

The part about moving into position ensures you don’t just watch the ball,but you move as well. How? I here you ask – Simple watch the ball onto the bat and program yourself to do this ball, after ball, after ball. You could, “funny as this sounds” say this over and over to yourself whilst batting, “this programming will have an amazing effect on your batting”. Juvenile as it seems, it does work.90% of cricket is half mental, Concentration is the key to gaining the competitive edge – as a bad coach can point a player in the wrong direction and a good coach can open avenues and teach a player self discipline.