Shadi ki pehli raat biwi shoher se kia chahti hai zaberdast bayan

Weddings as we know is where a bride and groom stands at the altar taking their vows pledging undying love for each other but not all countries do the same as we. Worldwide country cultures and beliefs differ greatly in the way they celebrate their wedding night.Did you know that after a marriage has taken… Read More »

Rishta ya shadi mai rukawat ore jaadu tona torny ka amal

This is a topic romanticized so much in literature and movies, that every little girl is almost forced to have rosy ideas about that day when she will tie the knot. Starting from the dress, the ornaments, the decoration and of course the whole arrangement has to be grand. The focus on the event becomes… Read More »

PSL Season 2 Promo Going Viral on Internet

A day of history. A day that will never be forgotten. The day that Nelson Mandela was released from prison. That day South Africa was on everybody’s tongues. History was rewritten on that specific day (not good with dates so sue me for not remembering the exact date but the images are still fresh).Nelson Mandela… Read More »

PTI Worker Died On The First Night Of His Wedding

Who is eligible to enter PTI? An individual charged with any misdemeanor or third-degree felony qualifies to apply to the Pretrial Intervention Program. If you are a first-time offender, you may apply for PTI. An individual previously convicted one non-violent misdemeanor may also apply for PTI. If you qualify, you must obtain approval of the… Read More »

Superb Victory Report of Australian Media on Pakistan

Being more active and taking part in a physical activity or sport like cricket is certain to provide a variety of health benefits. The actions involved in catching, hitting, and bowling all rely on arm strength. It has the ability to tone and gain muscle strength in the legs and upper body. Cricket involves a… Read More »

Shoaib Malik Best Shot In 2nd ODI vs Australia 2016

Cricket is an extremely popular sport played by thousands of players worldwide who compete in professional competitions, amateur leagues, and local matches. Cricket is useful for its ability to provide social, mental, and physical benefits. It is also a reliable cardio activity that can improve the all-round health and wellbeing. Here are several benefits of… Read More »

Mark Taylor and Waqar Younis Praising Imran Khan As a Leader

I have written, and spoken about the importance of possessing objective introspection, yet it seems very few individuals in positions of leadership, consider this seriously, and actually, undergo the process. What does it mean, and why is it an important factor/ asset/ behavior? First, it’s important because how can you determine the best course of… Read More »

MPA Mardan Response On Her Maid Sitting In Car Diggi

I write a lot on loss and the grief that comes out of it. I write about my responses, yet hopefully never in ways in which to say, “this-or-that is right and this-or-that is wrong.” The truth of matters is that your response to your situation is best for you as it is discerned by… Read More »

After Chaiwala Faislabad’s Factory Worker Fiaz Going Viral

The ultimate goal of any Six Sigma factory is to have total efficiency, zero mistakes, and absolutely no waste. Ah, but do you know any human worker that can work that precisely? No, neither do I. Well, last time I checked humans are not – and as of yet, we haven’t figured out a way… Read More »

What Imran Khan Said When PTI Member Said We Want SKMH In DG Khan

Pretrial intervention programs may be an option for people charged with felonies or misdemeanors. The Salvation Army administers the program for those charged with misdemeanors and the Florida Department of Corrections supervises the program for those charged with felonies. Florida Statutes sections 948.08 and 948.16 govern the administration of PTI. Who is eligible to enter… Read More »

Camel Snatched Butcher

Creating a crackle as he stampeded over the autumnal mosaic of dry leaves and turning into the walk to his castle, the king adjusted his crown, momentarily stunned by October’s whip, and pushed open the giant doors.The red carpeted staircase, threshold to his throne, stood before him. Once again adjusting his crown with one hand,… Read More »


First, let me say there’s a fundamental presupposition even in asking the question that may not even be valid – for to assume “punishment” is even possible you have to first assume the woman is even in a position to “punish” her husband.I say this because couples living the male chastity lifestyle are not necessarily… Read More »


childhood hurts can happen through expressing them and sharing them. One powerful way to express emotional pain is through poetry. Did you know that when people express difficult feelings, they can release their emotional pain? Writing in general as a way of healing is well documented in books like Opening Up: The Healing Power of… Read More »