New Governor Sindh Saeed uz zaman Siddiqui Passed Away

By | January 11, 2017
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He is the author of the earliest published fiction depicting social life in the Lagos Metropolis with his down-to-earth style of writing and his prolific output, with over 20 novels to his credit. Ekwensi thus became celebrated as the ancestor of the city novel, which stressed ample description of the locale with a largely episodic style drawn from his earlier pamphleteering.Mrs. Ekwensi, who is in her late 60’s said that she cut short her visit overseas after spending two weeks to fly him from Lagos back to Enugu, adding that in the last one month, they had regularly visited the hospital. “Since we left Lagos, we have not rested. It is from one thing to another. Watch video in link below

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who reeled in waist pain as she told her story, disclosed that the pains increased during their long days at the hospital, while attending to her husband. “The hospital bench became my bed,” she complained adding that her husband’s condition remained critical until his death. The deceased’s eldest son, George who flew in from the U.S. when he learnt about his father’s ailment, began consultations with relations and notable indigenes of Anambra State on burial plans.Speaking with the Daily Sun, the novelist’s son, Ike, noted that his father’s burial would not be determined by family members only, considering his outstanding contributions to national development.