Mujh Se Shadi Karo Geh ?Watch Reporter’s Face Expression When Girl Propose Him

By | December 17, 2016
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Sponsors and Advertisements

requires sophisticated communication with clients and customers. That takes the artful use of essential promotion tools: marketing, public relations, and advertising. Almost all business executives would agree that promoting your business is a smart idea, but few understand the value in a free communication tool that is often much more powerful: the news media.The media require sources in order to do their job. Being an expert source for reporters benefits you by giving you increased visibility and credibility, along with providing a platform for your ideas. When you’re quoted as a leading authority about an idea, trend, product, or service, your knowledge is on display. That speaks far more powerfully. Watch video in link below

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your reputation in your field than any paid promotional pitch. Being quoted in the media also opens up new avenues of reaching your target audiences and allows you to communicate with them in a different way.Even business executives who do understand the value of media attention sometimes shy away from it because they view it as something too difficult to control. To be sure, reaching your target audiences through the news media requires a different strategy than communicating with them directly. It means understanding what reporters need in order to tell a story and understanding how you can meet that need. But there is so much to be gained by understanding that strategy, it’s a wonder more executives don’t make media outreach part of their business plans.