Muhammad Aamir Takes 1st Wicket

By | November 25, 2016
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Watching the sorry procession of English batsman heading back to the pavilion yesterday at Headingley after yet another injudicious shot reminded me that being an England cricket fan can be tough.In fact, with alarming regularity, England’s batting has a tendency to brittleness and being prone to collapse like a house of cards in a force nine gale. On far too many occasions in 30 years of following England expectation and anticipation can quickly turn into crushing disappointment, misery and despair.Here are ten of England’s worst batting performances over this time. Unfortunately, it is not an exhaustive list but merely one compiled of those disasters freshest in the mind. Watch video in link below

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We only have to go back six months to the day to remember the last shambolic batting performance. In what proved to be the definitive day of a turgid series, England started their 2nd innings 74 runs behind. Just 33.2 overs later England were all out for 51, losing by an innings. Coincidentally, this was a role reversal of what had happened at the same ground five years before when Steve Harmison, with 7 for 12 had bowled.