Mufti Jaan suddenly touched my cheek and said, revealing the horrific female journalist

By | October 25, 2016
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many things have changed over the years. So many times I have looked in the mirror-my reflection staring back at me. Those dark brown eyes that aren’t light enough. Or big enough or slanted enough. I scrutinize every detail. My cheeks are far too puffy. My cheekbones aren’t defined enough. My nose is far too big. Why did I have to inherit the famous nose. Watch video link in below

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My lips, not big enough, not kissable enough. Barely even there. My neck far too long. My shoulders have accumulated a padding of fat for all these years. My waist isn’t small enough. Neither are my hips. My thighs…too fat. My legs…too short. My feet are too big for a lady.

Prying myself from the mirror, I began to walk. Through the comfortable cream colored hallway simply yet tastefully decorated with pictures of the family, their eyes continuously following me, I walked. Walked past the modern country-themed kitchen filled with the aroma of the maple glazed chicken that I had just taken out of the oven. Walked through the family room, ignoring the softness of the cream rug, ignoring the beckoning of the dark chocolate chair oozing wthi comfort, ignoring the pleads of the adjacent patio