When Mubasher Lucman Met Abrar Ul Haq Shafaat Ali Brilliant Parody

By | January 10, 2017
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you ever noticed how quickly we label folks in society? We either label them stupid, dumb, creative, brilliant, or a genius, but have you ever stopped to consider which is which before you made that call? Indeed, we are all guilty of stereotyping even if we claim not to be. That is to say that we make observations of people by categorizing them fairly regularly, despite our disdain for labels and the fact that we would never say anything that was off the scale of political correctness out loud. Watch video in link below

Video link: http://wp.me/p7PtNj-2kK

In observation of this we note that often people are labeled as creative, almost as if an excuse for their behavior. “Oh, he’s creative.” Sometimes we stereotype someone as creative for a work of art, song, poem, or design. “That is so creative, she is brilliant.” Perhaps, you have noticed the reviews for plays, movies or novels and the word brilliant is used by all the reviewers to label the piece or the actor or writer? Are they really brilliant? And what is the difference between a creative person and a brilliant one?Indeed, I would submit to you that all humans are basically creative, once they learn to think. Unfortunately, we train people to do memorization and then they sit and watch TV for hours a day, surely this curtails the creative nature of a human being. The memorizing of facts, gathering of knowledge and rewards for getting an answer right on a test can do a disservice.