Mother Doing Funny Things With His Son To Make Him Cry

By | January 5, 2017
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When my son was about eight or nine years old, shortly after my divorce. He’d cry at school daily. The teachers would call me and I’d go to the school to try to comfort him. He’d be okay for a day or so, I’d tell him that he had to be a big boy and big boys don’t cry. I’d mentioned the incidents to my friend Tread. I told Tread how I explained to my son that he had to be a big boy and big boys don’t cry. Tread promptly scolded me and said, “Now according to the bible, Jesus wept. So, what makes you think that a little boy can’t cry when he’s hurting. Watch video in link below

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I hadn’t ever thought of it like that, he was right. When my son came home that day, I sat him down and explained to him that I understood that he was hurting and if he wanted to cry, it was okay. He cried so hard, but he never cried again and I was never called to the school again. If little boys and grown men for that matter weren’t meant to cry; God wouldn’t have given them tear ducts.We need to quit putting pressure on people in general, but boys and men specifically to be strong all of the time. They are not stronger than Jesus, he bore the weight of the world on his shoulders and he wept, so why can’t our young men and old men alike have the right to weep when necessary without being subjected to ridicule.