Mohammad Shahzad and Sabbir gets into a fight, BPL 2016

By | November 30, 2016
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I broke up after a big fight and exchanged words I wished I could take back…” Does that sound like the situation you are in now? So, you just had a fight with your boyfriend, you will be glad to here that those really big fights and even small ones help make the relationship stronger when you get back together again. Fights are bound to happen regularly for a healthy intimate relationship, it may not be fun but the experts say it is a necessary ingredient if you want to grow closer. It shows that you’re invested enough to want to battle it out rather than just writing each other off. Watch video in link below

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Identify the real underlying issue: First you must remember that your big fight could be something much deeper than the surface issue, it could have been accumulated fights that may have been ignored or a build up of little annoying things, whatever the case identify the real cause of your fight and try to resolve it from the root.Stay as calm as possible: Even if the fault is his, it is not wise to start pointing fingers and dishing out blame. Men are genetically made to avoid female confrontation that why they storm out when you start sounding like their mother.Take a deep breath, think happy thoughts.