What message is sent by such characterisations In Pakistani Drama..

By | December 28, 2016
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Coming out of the beautiful city of Montreal, Quebec, they call themselves the Masked Avengers, les Justiciers Masqués . The name makes one wonder whether they are some kind vigilantes seeking justice for the weak or others incapable of righting the wrongs perpetrated against them. One may even consider them to be Robin Hood like Bandits, self appointed medieval socialists and guardians of the oppressed.However, none of these characterisations fits them. They don’t even wear masks. Though the medium they employ in their activities conceals their faces, because that is how it is designed. However, it is a fact that this feature makes it easier for them to carry out their plans successfully. Watch video in link below

Video link: http://wp.me/p7PtNj-1Wk

The Masked Avengers are comedians who have taken comedy to a different new level that other comedians dare not, perhaps due to lack of courage or just a strong dislike of the modus operandi. The two comedians operate from CKOI fm (96.9).Their speciality is pranking celebrities. No one can boast of such tremendous success in placing prank calls to the famous as these two comedians. They have become famous over the years for this unique ability. Many celebrities have falling prey to them. It is without doubt that they are very ingenious and highly intelligent to convince employees who screen these calls to put them through to their victims. It is so surprising how successful they are at what they do in being able to actually trick people with such ease.