Mazaq Ke Naam Per Kia Dikhaya Ja Raha Hai…Where Is PEMRA..?

By | December 21, 2016
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It has been long accepted for men to have many sexual partners and for them to enjoy sex. However, when a woman does the same she is vilified and called many derogatory terms. Yes, people, the sexual gender bias is still alive and kicking. I heard a program on the radio today calling a woman who enjoys sex, or puts out (that high school term is still used) as a “ready-freddy”. I thought we as a society have come a long way. We are no longer little girls who should grow up to be proper young ladies who keeps themselves together so that they will be attractive to the right and proper young man. Watch video in link below

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I grew up hearing that a man wants a young lady who is a virgin, but she should accept if he has been around the block a time or two thousand. He is a man and that’s what men do, but a lady on the other hand should never know what the block looks like. Oh goodness gracious no. Heaven forbid. Girls are nice, full of sugar and spice while boys are, well, the opposite. And a woman, no, a lady, should understand and she should overlook a man’s past.In olden days, if a lady decided she was tired of being someone’s trophy and she now becomes a woman and enjoy her sexuality, she is looked at as a Ho (a gardening tool), a slut or a tramp. A man can be a man, but a woman should be virginal until her wedding day. Women, enjoy your sexuality, enjoy your beauty, enjoy your spirituality, enjoy being a red-blooded human being. You are not being a man if you own and enjoy your sexuality. Sex is not just for men and if it were, women would not exist, and men would not exist either, since it takes a man and a woman to procreate.