Mardana Kamzori Ka Wazifa

By | January 7, 2017
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I am encouraged the more to write the second part of this message by the responses I received after the first part was published last week. I got responses as far as Canada. A renowned Canadian Christian writer (who read the article through the internet) was so thrilled that she sent a feedback commending the message, and also confessing that it is at this particular time of the night that she receives attacks from the satanic agents. She said she agreed with all I said in the write-up. Yes, spiritual principles are universal. The mode and methods of operation could vary from place to place, but the principles are basically the same. We know that the battle is between the kingdom of God and that of Satan. The battlefield is man. The struggle is about who will control the activities and destiny of man. Watch video in link below

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Whereas God wants to control man for good, the devil and his agents detest man. They hate and envy him; because they know what God has in stock for him. They know the place of man in God’s programme. They are aware of the wonderful and blissful destiny that God is preparing for man, so they battle day and night to see how that plan could be derailed. Remember they (Satan and rulers of darkness) are fallen angels. They have been with God before they were thrown down to the earth, because of their disobedience. So, what we are highlighting here is that midnight is the main arena for this great battle of the kingdoms. Jesus puts it this way, “The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy.