Mangetar Ne Hi Mujhay Barbad Kar Diya Ab Main Kiya Karoon

By | November 18, 2016
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Marriage is a complicated business that hardly ever ends up quite the way you imagined. It was less complicated when you were planning your wedding day and everything matched up perfectly. The real world is never quite so simple.Here are a few tips on how to save your marriage and not lose your husband.Your friends have supported you through thick and thin over the years. You want to turn to them for support when you have marital problems. Unfortunately. Watch video in link below

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you will find there is a significant problem with that. Your friends loves you and not the man you married.If you are telling them all the negatives about him, they’re going to be against him on your behalf and never give him or your marriage a real chance. As time passes, the pressure will become really hard and you’ll either cut ties with your husband, because your friends think you should, or you may lose contact with one of your friends because she’s just too opposed the man you love.