This Man Farted On Girls When They Were Eating. Their Reactions Will Make You Go ROFL

By | December 25, 2016
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There are many advantages to eating raw food, and many have made it a militant way of life, only consuming food which is in it’s raw state, uncooked and unheated.It is believed that by eating raw foods such as fruits and vegetables, you are getting the most nutrients possible out of that food. Heating or cooking strips away some of the vital nutrients and you end up depriving yourself greatly the benefits that food provides. Watch video in link below

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Generally raw food eating is a vegetarian way of life. Foods consumed are fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains. But, there are some individuals or movements that include meat in their raw food eating lifestyle. They eat raw eggs, meats, and fish that are uncooked. This is again said to hold in all the protein and nutrient that meat provides. The dangers and arguments against raw meat consumption, besides the possible bacteria and disease issues, is the idea that after raw meat is consumed it sits in your body for some time before it’s excreted. And sometimes remnants of our food consumption can remain in the body for much longer. During this time, the raw food can essentially rot inside the body, the same way a piece of raw meat would rot away and reek if left sitting on a table for days.