By | January 4, 2017
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Easily the most majestic mammal in the animal kingdom, the African lion has been considered the king of beasts since antiquity; the feline even holds a spot in the Holy Bible as a premier animal. Framed by a golden mane and harboring ferocity and bravery unmatched by most other animals, the lion is also the only social cat – in the sense that its entire life revolves around the pride.The Lions PrideOn the plains of Africa, a lions pride is usually comprised of a bevy of female lions – known as lionesses – many cubs, and several male lions. The females are almost always related, as it is rare for a pride to accept an alien as their own – although it does happen. There are sisters, mothers, daughters and the occasional grandmother as the female video in link below

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The males are usually brothers, with one dominant lion that is the only one who breeds with all the females.The other male lions are there for protection against external threats, and even though they are relatively subordinate to the dominant male, they all eat first from the females’ kill. Usually, these males roam their established range, leaving marks and droppings to signal their territory to passing denizens of the plains. Sometimes, the brothers eventually leave the pride of their dominant sibling in search of their own feline harems.