Little Cute Girls Mimics Imran Khan

By | December 25, 2016
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you’re like me, and you absolutely despise speaking on the phone, here are a few helpful tips to qwell those last few nerve endings that are springing for the negative before making an important phone call:Get drunk. Just kidding, c’mon now. Alright here it is: Right before calling your new girl, call someone that looks up to you. Better yet, call a girl that’s already attracted to you and “warm up” your voice. Before you hang up the phone with your “practice girl,” make sure you feel like you’re really relaxed and natural in the conversation. You want to feel like yourself, and everything should flow without effort. This will bring your voice. Watch video in link below

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Play one of your favorite songs and sing along. It sounds lame, but it works. Scream at the top of your lungs like you’re James Hetfield himself. Yelling like this drops your voice into the perfect pitch. The Alpha male is usually the loudest guy in the group, and his voice projects because there’s no self monitoring of his vocal levels. You don’t want to blow her ear off, but it’s essential to have your voice project while speaking to women (in any situation).Yawn with your mouth closed. This is done exactly how it sounds. Just stretch open your throat as wide as you can, and it will drop your voice down a few octaves. You can do this technique wherever you are, whether at home before you call a girl, or even in a club. If you want to improve your voice more permanently, you can do this several times a day. It does wonders for generating attraction from women.