Last Video of the Residents East Aleppo and Giving Message to the World

By | December 14, 2016
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Expecting always result in disappointment, especially when the receiver does not understand the concept of giving back. You can choose to continue on giving, but as long as you feel you are not being taken advantage of, go for it. It feels great to give to those who can’t provide for themselves, not because of a lack of desire or interest, but mostly because life haven’t been giving them the opportunities that you had. Feeling grateful for what you already have is crucial and it is important to always. Watch video in link below

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be willing to share that wealth and abundance to the less fortunate one. Creating a balance in this planet is very important and that is why we have 3 social classes. We all know that wealth is not distributed equally, but as long as we do our part and give charity, we have deliberately created some balance among these classes.When we talk about giving, it is not necessarily in terms of money. Someone going through a hard time because of divorce, or sickness, or whatever else, the wealth you can give these people is based on time you allot to make them feel better, because of your presence. Time is the most important asset you can give anyone as you can never get it back. Giving money is a good thing, and the opportunity.