ladake ne leak facebook par khud ko golee maar daali

By | November 26, 2016
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when the word “communication” was said to me regarding basketball, there were two images that would pop into my head. The first image was of Hubie Brown on one knee with a clipboard in front of players sitting on the bench during a timeout. The second image is of a tall man with high socks, short shorts and a puffy afro (I grew up in the 70’s) yelling “pick-right” as the person he was guarding set a ball screen on a perimeter defender. Regardless of the images that pop into my head or into your head, when we hear the word communication on the basketball court I’m positive we both think of at least one thing in common… verbal communication. Watch video in link below

Video link:

Communication changed for me one afternoon on November 19, 2008. I was waiting on my wife, and had heard a ball bouncing so I stuck my head in side the gym where I saw three middle school aged kids chucking half court shots. The smallest kid was clearly having to use every once of strength he had to try and make a respectable toss. At the end of his “heave-ho” shot, he would do a weird kind of a leg-kick thing that would cause him to lose balance and sometimes fall. The two other friends laughed at the small kid who would purse his lips and yell out, “Shut up, I don’t kick out my leg!” After several failed attempts to stop laughing the tallest one, who has a shadow of peach fuzz above his lip, motioned the small one over and said “I’ll show you”. I hadn’t noticed but the peach fuzz boy had been recording the small shoot half court shots.