Kya Yeh Waqai Moujza Hai..??

By | December 3, 2016
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Optimistic individuals are often defined as people who are able to the glass as half full, while pessimists are those who can only see the glass half empty.While it’s a cliché used for decades, it is a nice analogy to illustrate how an optimistic person generally view the world.In essence, optimism is a type of positive thinking that includes believing that you are 100% responsible for your life – happiness, success, health, relationships, fulfillment and other areas.Unfortunately, optimism is usually thought as a trivial or frivolous attribute. Some people criticized that optimistic people are just “seeing the world through rose-colored glasses.”Anyhow, one characteristics of optimist. Watch video in link below

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A pessimistic person will think that the break up is all his or her fault and may even become depressed about it. The optimistic person will typically not blame him or herself too harshly for the break up and will simply look at the relationship objectively, as it was not meant to be.They will also have an easier time to learn from the breakup and keep moving on, because they will know that there are still millions of potential great lovers out there and there’s no need to dwell on one single person forever.Another example of optimism versus pessimism could occur when you are dining with your friends.Imagine both of you guys have ordered some nice alcohols when you guys.