kya shadi ke pehli raat miya aur biwi ke beechsex hona chaahie

By | January 6, 2017
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Much of the time, when people mention affair sex, they assume that it is so good that it is almost mind blowing. They assume that it has to be this good in order to make it worth the risk. Many spouses who have someone cheat on them also make this assumption, even if their spouse does everything in his power to insist that this isn’t true.For example, you might hear a conversation like this: “my husband is trying to claim that his affair wasn’t about sex. In fact, he’s insisting that the sex wasn’t even good. He says that sex is better with me and that the other woman didn’t really know what he likes. Watch Video in link below

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Well, everyone assumes this. But I’ve had people comment that their affair was most definitely not about sex, just like this husband. Many of them say that the affair was more about excitement, emotional attachment and support, and having someone who seems to appreciate them without expectations.For example, a husband might say: “when people see the other woman, they always assume that I was only in it for the sex. I wasn’t. I won’t say that we didn’t have sex because we did. But that was never the draw for me. I have been friends with the other woman for a long time. I made some bad investments that meant that I had to cut back on my spending. This made me wife treat me differently. She was always mad and she was always making sarcastic comments about me. The other woman isn’t like that. She’s happy to just go and have a picnic lunch and talk. She doesn’t expect me to buy her things and she doesn’t want to be taken care of. She’s content with just me. This is such a huge relief when contrasted with the expectations of my wife.