Kitne Din Biwi Se Door Rehne Par Sohar Ka Usse Nikah Khatm Hojata Hai

By | December 6, 2016
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hear from wives who want my advice on how to heal after their husband cheated. Occasionally though, I hear from mistresses or women who are cheating with another woman’s husband. These woman often want my opinion or advice about the husband and want to know how to keep him involved in the affair. (I don’t offer this advice, of course.) But, one question that I get with a great deal of frequency is something like: “Why do men return to their wives after an affair? I know I made him happy and I know that he likes being with me more than her. So, why did he go back to his wife when we were so happy together?” I have theories as to the reason why husbands eventually come to their senses and return home. I’ll share them with you in the following. Watch video in link below

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It’s not at all uncommon for men to tell me that one day they wake up and suddenly realize how stupid and selfish it is to cheat on their wife. They often realize that there is really no place that the affair can go. One day, they come to see that this whole thing was a huge mistake, that they really do love their wives, and they were trying to fix the problems in their life (which often had nothing to do with their wife) in the wrong way.This will often bring about a feeling of desperation and urgency, where they want to fix this problem and clean up this mess immediately. So, they will often very abruptly break things off with the mistress, who is left confused as to what she did wrong. The truth is, she may or may not have done anything wrong. But frankly, it’s more likely that the man just realized that the relationship was very wrong and there was no good reason to continue on with something that is build on fantasy, deception, and an unhealthy foundation.